How our expert knowledge led to an increase in student enrolment and a 45% decrease in per lead cost for Surado campus

Facing tough times with the pandemic

Surado is an award-winning Education Institute which was established in 2012 in Sri Lanka. This Education Institute successfully executed marketing strategies to promote the short term and long term professional development courses conducted by the campus for 9 successful years, until the Covid-19 pandemic hit. This affected many industries including education. Budgets and especially training budgets had to be cut and fear started to be a part of everyday life.

The need to face the challenge head-on

Surado wanted to run a cost-effective and time-effective Facebook ad campaigns that would reach more potential students and increase interest in their online education programs and generate a higher number of quality leads.

CADD got the skills

Our versatile team is well experienced in Facebook ad campaigns. The design and creative team as well as the content team work together to strategically design ads that would best fit the target audience. We have an overall understanding of the market in Sri Lanka. We also have an overall understanding of who exactly we should target. With the two combined we can deliver the best leads to cater to the need.

Our team did their thing!

Surado wanted to reach out and through this campaign, make more people aware of the online programs that they offer. Our team identified that in previous campaigns, they used a more complex ad account strategy with multiple segmented ad sets and manually selected placements ahead of time, distributed and adjusted separate budgets and targeted audiences with 25–30 interest segments which led to an audience overlap. Our team observed that as the number of priority online programs continued to increase, this strategy that they were following would not be scalable.

Our team worked closely with the client’s team to simplify Surado’s Facebook account setup structure by consolidating audiences and running only half the number of ad sets. To minimize the time spent allocating budgets and locating the best placements, we opted to use Facebook’s optimization features and best practices for ad automation.

Our team ran Facebook lead ads using images and content targeting people who might be interested in pursuing one of the priority programs that Surado offers such as courses in Caregiver, Recognition of prior learning (RPL), Continuing professional development and IVQ to name a few.

Each ad had a “Learn More” button that directed people who click on it into a lead form that automatically filled with the viewer’s contact information from their Facebook Profile. Submitting the form sends them to Surado’s customer relationship management (CRM) system to nurture further leads.

Our team used automatic placements to allow Facebook to seamlessly deliver ads across the entire Facebook apps and services, based on which placements were most likely to drive the best results at the lowest cost at any given time. Our team also used campaign budget optimization which let Facebook’s algorithm fluidly distribute the budget across the top-performing ad sets in real time.

We structured the ads to target locations of adults aged 20–44 including those with an interest in higher education, career development, learning, training, personal development or professional development. The team also layered on additional interest, targeting based on the specific program featured in each ad.

Always delivering remarkable results

We determined the results of the campaign using reporting data on Facebook combined with proprietary data from Surado. Compared to what the client had done previously, using a more simplified account structure resulted in 45% lower cost per lead for the paid media campaign and 6% of total request-for-information leads generated by us during the 2020 campaign.

Need expert help with Facebook ad generated leads? Check out our capabilities.

CADD is armed with the perfect combination of creativity, expertise and knowledge, we are able to accurately pinpoint where you need help the most, and create a high-performance, results-driven environment that will result in guaranteed success.



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